Pilates is not just an exercise regimen,

it is a way of life.

Increasing inner and outer strength

Working with Deborah has helped me get my body stronger. My posture is so much better than before. This is because Deborah takes time to think about which pilates exercise is best for me personally. She is so easy to work with and takes the time to make sure you are getting the best from your pilates experience.

-Alison Pearse

New lifestyle, new body

I started taking pilates to build a stronger core for riding my horse. Two and a half years later, my body feels toned and more flexible, my posture has improved, and the core strength I’ve gained has improved my riding. Pilates is a lifestyle change for me. It will always be part of my routine.

-Joan Winters

Lifetime commitment to wellness

Pilates alleviated my low-back and knee pain, but I keep up my practice because it strengthens my body and prevents injuries. As I age, I think it’s even more important to maintain my fitness level. Pilates has really helped me do that.

-Ann Hays

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